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Connage Cheese is owned by brothers Callum and Cameron and their wives Jill and Eileen. Callum and Jill manage the cheese side of the business using their years of experience and producing the end product, multi award winning cheese. Cameron and Eileen undertake the majority of the work on the farm themselves, from breeding and managing the dairy herd to milking them. The organic dairy herd of 130 cows, mostly Holstein Friesian with Jersey crosses and Norwegian Reds and they graze the luscious clover pastures around the dairy and along the shores of the Moray Firth in the Scottish Highlands. During summer the cows meander, at their leisure, from the fields into the milking parlour.

We pride ourselves not only on our organic status but also the fact that our cows graze the fertile clover, misted with sea spray from the Moray Firth which gives their milk an extra special taste. We are equally proud of our team of cheese-makers, all from the local community, who are dedicated to producing the very best cheeses. 

Animal welfare, taking care of the stunning environment surrounding the farm and ensuring sustainability are just as important as the quality of the cheese we make and the customer satisfaction we constantly strive to deliver.

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