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Bradan is Gruth

Connage Crowdie combined with Hebridean Smokehouse Peat Smoked Salmon.

Hebridean Smokehouse is based on North Uist and produces wonderful salmon products from the surrounding waters. Their peat smoked salmon marries beautifully with Connage Crowdie and black pepper to make a product named Bradan. 

This product is totally delicious and a perfect partner for any plain biscuit, bread or canape 

Bradan is supplied to quality stores like Fortnum and Masons and a number of first class airline services by Alpha.

“ Highland Crowdie with Hebridean Smokehouse Peat Smoked Salmon and black pepper Totally delicious and a perfect partner for a toasted oatcake or as a filling for a hot baked potato. Treat yourself to a little luxury from the Highlands and Islands today ” -(, 2015)

Size: Sold in pots of 140g and 1kg

Shelf Life: 28 days

Availability: All Year

Dispatched: Weekly

EAN Barcode: Available, (2015). Bradan is Gruth | Inverness-shire | Inverness-shire. [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 Jul. 2015].