Smoked Dunlop

Our delicious smoked version of our wonderful Dunlop Scottish Cheddar. Traditional smoking process completed at Connage beside the dairy.

Smoked Dunlop, is a delicious dimension of our Dunlop Scottish Cheddar cheese and traditionally smoked using oak whisky barrel shavings. The smoking process is completed at Connage beside the dairy by Callum and Monika.

The cheese retains the wonderful Dunlop flavours and has a taste that smoked cheese lovers adore. Dunlop Scottish Cheddar is a rounded nutty, warm and creamy tasting cheese, married with a oak smokiness giving a lasting smooth flavour on the palate.

Smoked Dunlop makes a great addition to any cheese board. It also melts beautifully and compliments many pasta dishes, in particular macaroni cheese. Try with a big flavour whisky or robust red wine.


Size: Quarter rounds approximately 1.5kg

Vacuum Packed Portions: Aiming for 200g

Shelf Life: Vacuum Packed Portions 8 weeks

Availability: All Year, lead time for orders over 30kg

Dispatched: Weekly

EAN Barcode: Available

Our cheeses are organic, vegetarian and have full traceability

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