Connage Crowdie

Our Award Winning fresh cheese, handcrafted on our family farm, by the shores of the Moray Firth.

Crowdie is a traditional fresh Scottish cheese dating back to the Viking era. A Scottish recommendation is to eat Crowdie before a ceilidh (traditional dance and music evening) to alleviate the effects of whisky.

Crowdie is a luxury soft cheese. It has a mousse like texture and is deliciously soft and creamy with a clean fresh flavour. The milk is pasteurised and the traditional method of hanging the curds in muslin bags is followed today.

“ One of Scotland’s oldest cheeses, and the natural accompaniment to a pre-ceildh whisky, crowdie is a half-fat curd cheese made by Connage Dairies. The traditional recipe produces a soft, creamy cheese with a mousse-like texture, a fresh zesty aroma and a slightly sour aftertaste. ” -(The List,2014)


Sizes: Containers of 160g, 1kg and 5kg tubs

Salted or Unsalted: (unsalted does have a shorter shelf live)

Shelf Life: 21 days from potting

Frezzable: Yes

Availability: All Year

Dispatched: Weekly

EAN Barcode: Available

Our cheeses are organic, vegetarian and have full traceability

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